10 Habits all productive people have in common

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“There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but the way out is through.”This is a quote written by David Allen who is a productivity consultant known for getting things done within a specific period of time. What David meant with the above quote is that in order to achieve success you need to do the work. You must keep in mind that all those who are successful today posses certain qualities and habits which they put into practice to reach their objectives be it in their personal or professional lives.

Here are 10 habits you must possess to be productive

Regular sleep schedule: Sleeping 6 to 8 hours at a decent time and waking up early will not only make you feel energetic the next day, but will have your mind prepped for anything that pops up during your day. So, having regular sleep at a regular time is a must to increase your productivity.

Regular exercise: Get outside your busy day, and do an activity that gets your feel good hormones out (Endorphins)! Be it a 30 minute jog, a swim, or even some quick sex with your partner it will all help you stay in shape, sleep better, and be more productive.

Eat Healthy: You are what you eat! So eat right, and fuel up your body with nutrients, proteins, and good carbs to keep your mind and body in the best shape.

Get your priorities straight: Let go of those tiny tasks you don’t need to get to, or give them to someone else. Make a schedule or list goals, and to-dos for the day so you don’t waste your time, and so you're able to prioritize your tasks.

Be time efficient: Time is money! So, you must not only do things right, but most importantly do them in a short period of time. This means making meetings short, freeing yourself of distractions, and knowing your tasks well so you get them done right and fast.

Be ready for unexpected events: You cannot control everything that goes on in our day, so you must be ready to deal with issues that pop up while you're busy.

Know when to unplug: Meditate, connect with nature, or talk to your turtle. Sometimes stepping out of work’s pressure for a while, will help you perform way better the next day.

Selective social interaction: Unnecessary friendships must go, since they will only take away from your time, and get in the way of your success. People who love you will stay around, and understand when you can’t see them often due to your responsibilities.

Schedule down time: Make sure you have set a break for yourself. Being productive means doings things right and fast, for this you must avoid mistakes, and to accomplish this you need to take a pause throughout your busy day and breathe. You don’t want to waste time repeating something you did wrong, due to exhaustion.

Reward yourself: If you’ve successfully increased your productivity reward yourself, and celebrate your success. You deserve it! Rewarding yourself helps motivate you so you maintain the good work and self improvement.

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”