5 hobbies which will make you more productive

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Hobbies nowadays are often focused on technology. It's okay as long as you are being productive... And we don’t mean Facebook productive. However, you should consider the following hobbies which will disconnect your mind from technology, especially since most of us spend most of our days on our laptops or phones.

1. Reading
Reading is one of the simple pleasures in life, is one of those pleasures that actually leave you exhausted, emotional, happy, or even sad after you’ve finished reading because you experience the lives of the characters. It also teaches you discipline, and how to be able to alienate external factors while concentrating on that one book. Don’t forget how it improves your English, widens your vocabulary and expands your imagination

2. Hiking
Hiking is fun, tiring and will allow you to spend time with nature. When you go hiking you breath fresh air, you exercise which makes you happy and it improves your stamina.

3. Cooking
There is nothing more joyful in life than food, I am sure everyone agrees. There is that instant joy you feel when you are eating something yummy, it is even a nicer joy when it is something you have made for you and your loved ones. Cooking is more than just to end up with a happy tummy, it actually teaches you to use your instinct, your senses and concentration.

4. Running
Running takes your mind away from your troubles and says bye to stress. It makes you feel better about yourself, and leaves you active throughout your day.

5. Walking your dog
It is said dogs add life to your life along with joy. If you own a dog you already know this, and you're aware of the nice time you spend with your dog.