5 New Year’s resolutions to make your life a better place in 2016

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We all wake up sometimes with the will to change a certain aspect of our life, but we never do. That’s why we all wait for an occasion to make a promise to ourselves, that’s why we desperately need New Year’s resolutions. Below are some much needed changes we all should embrace in our lives... ;-)


Quit cigarettes and hookah

Let’s get real, both are invading our lives like never before. Not even laws succeeded in making people stop. Well, I am sure you’re aware of the serious damage both cause to your body so I am not even going to start. However, trust me it’s about time! If you’re a fan of tobacco products, here’s your chance to start respecting your body and make the resolution.

Avoid using the car horn

No, it changes nothing! It’s useless and annoying. If you’re stuck in a traffic jam, the horn won’t save you. The red light won’t magically become green and the driving skills of that driver in the car in front of you won’t get any better…so just forget it, and promise yourself. Imagine Lebanon if we all make this resolution; tempting, isn’t it?

De-addict yourself from WhatsApp 

It’s the first thing you look at in the morning and last thing at night…you find yourself rereading conversations…you stalk people watching their “last seen, “status” and whether they’re online/offline and even worse, you start having fights with them based on what you see or don’t…you’re officially addicted! It’s the interaction trend of the future, fun and affordable; we get it. We’re not saying you should delete/ uninstall it, we’re simply asking you to check if you’re on the verge of becoming creepy.


Don’t be a clothes hoarder

You love clothes, you really do and we all do… You keep everything just in case any trend comes back, your shoe boxes stack up taller than you and you assign a sentimental value to absolutely everything…does that seem normal to you? Why don’t you make room for all the gifts coming your way this season while drawing a smile on someone’s face? Go donate all those clothes you never wear, it’s a win-win situation.

Stop procrastination

Take a look back at 2015, many are the goals you didn’t achieve or the things you didn’t manage to do. Right? Why? Procrastination! It’s one of the lessons people never learn, no matter how many chances they waste or many times this habit gets them into trouble. It’s simple and crystal clear: Motivate yourself and just do it! Whether a task, a homework, a household chore… You’ll do it anyway.