5 Worst College Majors

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They say you should follow your heart when picking a major. For the most part this is true, but it’s always better to listen to your heart and mind together. Here are some majors you should think twice before choosing if you want to find a job later on.

1.    Archaeology: Sorry Indiana Jones wannabes! This is perhaps the worst major for finding jobs as new archaeologists graduate at a much faster rate than old ones retire and there is only so much of this world to be dug up and examined. If you do find a job in the field the pay may not be great either but it is sure to be very interesting. 

2.    Photography: There are many great photographers in this world but not so great and many jobs for them. Additionally many professional photographers complain that the photography they studied in college was too art-centric and did not provide them with the necessary skills for the job market. 

3.    Philosophy: How many great philosophers can you mention? Okay a fair few, but did any actually major in it? Unless you want to go on to be a professor, jobs are limited with some employers claiming the skills you learn in a philosophy major (questioning existence etc.) do no translate so well to the workplace.

4.    Music: The number of amateur compared to professional musicians is mind-blowing. Many musicians seem to make it by following unconventional paths; performing and getting their names and talents known, or appearing on talent shows!

5.    Physical Fitness: We all remember the quote, “If you can’t do, teach. And if you can’t teach, teach gym.” This is another profession, which is heavily oversubscribed. Being fit and knowing how to keep fit and make the most out of one’s body is a fantastic skill to have but unfortunately there are too many people trying to make a career from it.