Foods that reduce stress

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It’s not uncommon for people to overeat when they’re stressed. Whether it’s a midterm, project deadline, or tough professors, being in college can be rather stressful. Lucky for you though, we’re helping you stay on track with a healthy diet that relieves stress.

Avocados are a great source of potassium, a mineral that helps keep your blood pressure low. These are what dieticians consider healthy fats that your body needs. Add a few slices in your sandwiches or make a breakfast smoothie. You can even enjoy your favorite chips with a bowl of guacamole dip.

Nothing calms nerves better than tea. Enjoy it hot, iced, Chamomile, green, and with milk, and/or sugar. Then, welcome the soothing sensation. 

Fish rich in omega-3 such as salmon and sardines successfully manage your adrenaline levels to keep you relaxed. Not a fan of fish? You can find omega-3 vitamin tablets at just about any pharmacy.

You’re never too old for a glass of milk. This calcium rich drink is loaded with B and D vitamins and protein. We won’t tell anyone if you still dunk your Oreos either!

Don’t underestimate the effect that healthy dairy has on your levels of stress. Skip the Ben and Jerry’s and head straight to the yogurt isle. Adding granola and fresh fruit to your yogurt is just as exciting as indulging in cheesecake ice cream and 20 times healthier. 

Boost your immune system with an assortment of nuts. Stress can be a pain and can often lead to decreased strength. Stock up on protein with nuts to prevent getting sick during your most vulnerable circumstances. 

Last but definitely not least, dark chocolate does wonders to your stress levels. As most of you already know, chocolate contains sugar and releases mood-improving serotonin. The trick is to enjoy it in moderation. You want your mood elevated to rid yourself of stress, not so you’re bouncing off the walls!