You « overdid » it? Undo it while you still can

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Overeating, overdrinking and overindulging…That’s basically all you do during the holiday’s season. Expected!  Results? Puffy eyes and black circles, bloated stomach and a general feeling of extreme fatigue and laziness. You had your share of fun, now it’s time to allow your body get his. Kick off 2016 right, detox your body!


Water, water, water

As simple as that, and as important!

Water helps cleanse your system, keeps you hydrated, aids digestion and keeps your vital organs in their best possible condition while regulating your body temperature and metabolism. “I don’t like water”, an expression we often hear…for those who don’t, don’t let that stand in your way; there are dozens of easy to prepare detox water recipes, healthy and delicious.



Maybe it’s one of your New Year’s resolutions; if not, add it to the list. Exercising helps your body breathe, circulate, stretch and sweat properly; factors allowing your body to flush out unwanted fats, waste and toxins more effectively. Aerobic exercises (walking, running, swimming, dancing and bicycling) get your body moving, lungs deeply breathing and heart pumping. Make sure as well to incorporate some types of yoga and Pilates as they’re highly beneficial for certain organs detoxification.


Eat healthy

Food variety is key, so be open-minded to absorb all the toxins-fighting potential you can get. Consume “superfoods” like never before, these are the most recommended in detox diets: colorful fruits and vegetables, green tea, lemons and Omega-3 fats; these are sure to teach toxins a lesson. Welcome more whole grains this year as these retain all (or almost all) of the nutrients and fiber of the grain. Watch your vitamins and calcium, keep sodium down and potassium up, consume fish more often and most importantly limit alcohol; I am sure you had more than enough in 2015, make it your 2016 challenge (more interesting than resolution)! And always remember, you ARE what you eat. So what kind of person you want your world to see in 2016?


Respect your body

Yes, it’s a matter of respect! Why would you ruin your detox efforts with toxic beauty products? Choose those carefully and always opt for simple, natural and singular products.


Your body needs it and falls apart without it, respect that! Quality sleep is a key factor to any detox effort, make sure you get deep and restorative quality sleep. Avoid watching TV or using the computer at least two hours before you go to bed to allow your mind to wind down and get ready.


Detoxification is a must. It makes you a whole new better person all levels: body, mind and spirit.